Cross Country Recruiting

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"I spent two years in the hands of Brian Smith and University Prospects due to injury. Not once did they ever give up on me and after a lot of hard work I was recruited by St Thomas University, Miami. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Brian and all his staff for there persistence over the last two years, and I'd recommend their services to anybody who's interested in becoming a student athlete".

Phill Fisher, England


We are University Prospects and we have been helping athletes and their familes through the cross country recruitment process since 1999. At University Prospects we have 2 goals for each client we serve. The first is to help them get a great education and the second is to help them obtain an athletic scholarship in order to help pay for it.

Our program helps you to discover your needs in a cross country program and school that will be the best "fit" for you both athletically and academically. We stay in touch with coaches across North America and are constantly looking to fill their specific needs. When we find something that matches everyone wins.

The truth is that, except for the incredibly talented who generate their own "buzz" everyone else needs to be promoted and matched in the way we do it to make for an optimal experience.

If you are a runner of any skill at all then you know about hard work and focus. The cross country recruitment system is no different except that you can have us focus on the sometimes-confusing details and do the rest of the hard work.........while you and your family focus on making the right choice.

Want to take the first step to get into the cross country recruiting process and start working towrds your scholarship? Then click on the "Let's Get Started" tab at the top of the page or on the banner below. This will bring you to our No-Obligation Prospect Evaluation Page so you can send us the basic information we need to get the ball rolling.