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"UP walked me through the recruitment process one step at a time and guided me in the right direction towards making a decision to attend a university or college. I made the decision to attend Potomac State College because it was a smaller school which was more suitable to me and my family. This school would have never found me with UP services and I am very grateful."

Brad Atkinson



At University Prospects our goal is to help you get a great education.........while using all of the hard work you have put into your favorite sport to help pay for it.

Our procedure is simple but effective. A personal interview is scheduled with the student athletes and parents to discuss the recruitment process in further detail. At that time UP will review your athletic abilities, grade point average, and listen to your academic and athletic goals. After talking with the athlete and parents we will determine which colleges and universities will suit your athletic and academic needs and target those schools.

If this important interview can't take place in person we can do it by phone or Skype. Since our program does a great deal of work with International student athletes it's important we have these options available to us.

Another important part of our program is our video and web services. Browse our site and view some of the examples of web video we have created for our clients. We work hard to make excellent videos so that you can look great. In fact if you've already visited other sites you'll see that we truly stand out. And don't be fooled. In this day and age the importance of a well-shot and edited personal video grows each day.

We also have access to excellent editors who can work with footage shot by others in order to fill out your highlight package.   

UP will then walk you step by step through the recruitment process giving you the exposure you need to get noticed by college and university coaches. The burden of regulations which surround college and university recruiting get larger each year. This to the point that even we find it frustrating at times. Which is another reason why people look to us for assistance.

Yes, we have over 15 years assisting student athletes and their families to achieve their goals. That also means that we have spent as much time creating personal relationships with coaches across North America. During the recruiting process we will also spend a great deal of time keeping you updated as to the progress of our search on your behalf.....along with relaying the the feedback we are getting from coaches.

Other parts of our service can include SAT preparation services and financial aid counselling.

Our service takes most of the burden of the recruiting process from your shoulders and allows you and your family to concentrate on considering different options and making the right choice.

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"I was very impressed with the level of players UP has advertised. UP has a professional approach with a genuine interest in finding the right opportunity for each of the student athletes in the program. Lee's McRae College looks forward to continuing this relationship!"