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"UP gave me opportunities that I never thought I was capable of getting. They made me understand that I needed to get noticed to get exposure. I always thought if schools weren't contacting me that I wasn't chosen for a scholarship. This program gave me options to consider and I was contacted by over 20 coaches personally and received a great scholarship. UP saved me a lot of money towards my college education."

Shawn Jackson



As previously stated on our Academics page There are 4 levels of educational institutions which offer both Athletic Scholarships along with financial aid and grants.

As follows;

NCAA Division 1: (National Collegiate Athletic Association) The highest level of competition, along with the greatest number of scholarships, is available to student-athletes at the NCAA Division 1 level. These schools not only have high caliber athletic programs, but are noticeably larger in terms of student population. A full range of assistance is available and varies from school to school.

NCAA Division 2: These schools are smaller and sometimes have a curriculum which specializes in certain educational paths. (Tech, Agricultural...etc) The top programs in division 2 schools are competitive with division 1 programs. These schools provide not only scholarships but financial aid and grants as well.

NAIA: (National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics) NAIA schools can offer athletic scholarships, as well as other benefits to assist the student in defraying the cost of their education. Some of the Nationally Ranked NAIA programs successfully compete with NCAA programs.

NJCAA: (National Junior College Athletic Association) Financial aid is provided for the cost of tuition and books. In general the tuition for a Junior College is much less than that for a 4 year school. If you are not ready to attend a 4 year university this can be a great way to get prepared.

However, when most people think of Athletic Scholarships and finances they are thinking about the raw value (in dollars and cents) that a coach and program are offering against tuition and expenses.

Unfortunately these figures, and the terms surrounding them, vary in every instance and change on a regular basis. This is so much so that placing figures (even rough ones) here is a useless exercise. Your University Prospects Representative spends a great deal of their time monitoring these sitautions and is your best resource for the most current information.

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"UP walked me through the recruitment process one step at a time and guided me in the right direction towards making a decision to attend a university or college. I made the decision to attend Potomac State College because it was a smaller school which was more suitable to me and my family. This school would have never found me with UP services and I am very grateful."

Brad Atkinson