Football Scholarships

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If your goal is to find one of the many available football scholarships - University Prospects is the place to start looking. University Prospects determines your academic and athletic requirements and sets out to match these with the right school, and the right football program, for you. We communicate on a daily basis with the coaches from across Canada and the United States who are looking for good players just like you. Finding the right opportunity with the best "fit" is what we do.

Since 1999 University Prospects has been helping students find football football scholarships. We know how to increase your chances of getting noticed.

If you really enjoy playing football then the best way to continue playing is probably by finding a football scholarship. A Football scholarship is a great chance to continue playing your favourite sport while getting the best education. A university football scholarship can be the final part of your experience with the game or it can be something more. A football scholarship is the way that many athletes have filled both their desire to play the game......while preparing a better future for themselve while getting a great education.

Obtaining a great football scholarship requires commitment on both the playing field and in the classroom. If you have this commitment then a football scholarship is a great steeping stone to achieving many of the goals you have for your life. can help you find a football scholarship. It's easy to start. Just contact us for all the further information you require.