Hockey Scholarships

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If you love to play hockey then the best way to extend your years on the ice might be to look for a hockey scholarship.  A hockey scholarship is now seen as an excellent opportunity for a bright future by many college-age players. That's because a Hockey scholarship offers you the opportunity to play in a high-skill environment while obtaining an excellent education. A university hockey scholarship can also be a stepping stone to other adventures in the sport.......or your final competitive stop. Either way University Prospects can help.

Since 1999 we've been working with players of many different skill levels to find not only the right school.....but the right "fit" to make the experience one of the best you'll ever have.  We consider it our primary role to provide you with as many choices as possible, and provide you with all the information you'll need,  to make the final choice. 

University Prospects has arranged numerous hockey scholarships for clients in the USA and Canada. A hockey scholarship can also help you to make business and personal contacts that will last a lifetime.

Acquiring a hockey scholarship requires commitment, skill a real desire to achieve.

If you've got these items then can help you make your goal a reality. Feel free to contact us for more information.