General Information

Kelsey Hand
Sport: Soccer Scholarship 
Status: Recruited 
Position: Attacking Midfielder 

School: Cape Breton University
Coach: Ron Ryan
Phone #: 647-522-7675
Address: 3317 Aubrey Road
City: Mississauga
State/Province: Ontario
Postal Code: L5L 5E2
Country: Canada
Phone: 905-828-0606
Date of Birth: 24/07/1996
Year of Grad: 2014
GPA: 3.2
SAT: Writing in November 2013
Height: 5' 3" (160 cm)
Weight: 115 lbs (52kg)


Academic Interest:
Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement, Criminology

Additional Information:
Kelsey's main objective is to further her education while playing university at the highest level that best balances athletics while maintaining an excellent standard in education. She wants pursue a degree in criminology in the fall 2014 leading towards becoming a police officer. Kelsey is an attacking midfielder who predominantly plays in the middle where she possesses the physical, technical and mental abilities to be the quarterback controlling the flow and tempo of the game. Unlike a percentage of young players, Kelsey has an excellent tactical understanding and often thinks ahead of the ball to anticipate passes and opportunities to steal possession, which increases her effectiveness later in the game as well as maximizing time of possession. Kelsey is extremely fast and possesses good technical abilities, eye for a pass, and strong dribbling skills. She is very comfortable playing the playmaker role creating scoring opportunities for her own team, and has the ability to score goals herself. Kelsey has been playing for the Erin Mills Eagles since 2005 scoring 20 goals and 15 assists leading her team to League Cup Champions in 2010, and cup finalists in 2011 and champions again in 2012. Kelsey is very strong with both feet and is extremely fast who can play with a high level of intensity and concentration. Coach Ryan describes" Kelsey as someone who occupies the most influential parts of the pitch, and most likely to influence the outcome of many matches. Her eye for the right pass, and technical ability make her the play maker of our team. She is ready to play at the collegiate level in the United States". Kelsey will be playing in several showcases over the next year with the Erin Mills Golden Eagles. Kelsey is currently a junior in high school who obtains a 3.2 GPA and will be writing her SAT test in June. If you require any additional information regarding Kelsey's academic or athletic status contact us anytime. Videotape footage will be available shortly to review game footage and highlights.

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