General Information

Sam Philp
Sport: Tennis Scholarship 
Status: Recruited 
Position: Right Handed 

School: Mercer University
Coach: Doug Burke
Phone #: 9056174284
Address: 621 Andrea Court
City: Burlington
State/Province: Ontario
Postal Code: L7R 4J7
Country: Canada
Phone: 2899810668
Date of Birth: 12/04/1996
Year of Grad: 2014
GPA: 3.9
SAT: 1850 ( all 3 Sections Combined )
Height: 5' 10" (178 cm)
Weight: 140 lbs (63kg)


Academic Interest:
Maths and Sciences

Additional Information:
Sam Philp is a competitive and tenacious individual who has one of the best work ethics in Ontario, he is an tough competitor with a focussed attitude. He recently finished 3rd at the U18 Outdoor Ontario Provincial Championships and reached the finals of the Ontario Outdoor 18U National Selections as well as the 18U Roman Cup. He finished top 12 at the 2012 Outdoor U16 Nationals and has been a regular member of Team Ontario. Sam excels at doubles having reached the U16 Ontario Indoor Provincial final as well as reaching Semi Finals in ITFs. Sam is an aggressive baseliner and can easily finish at the net, he is a very powerful and dynamic player with extreme speed and an unwavering tenacity. His strong forehand and power from the back of the court makes it easy for him to control points and his ability to finish at the nets gives him versatility closing out a point. He has a strong and accurate serve which gives him a big advantage in matches and is easily able to neutralize opponents serve on the return. Sam's movement means he is easily able to adapt to situations in the point, he is ready for any ball that comes over the net and is able to change plans as points progress. His ability to stay in points always forcing the opponent to hit another shot that they are unprepared for gives him an edge over opponents. Sam is also a successful student achieving 1850 on his SAT and maintaining a grade point average over 3.8. He has done a good job of balancing tennis and school. Sam is a very hard working and independent student and player, his determination and competitive spirit have given him a very good reputation as a capable leader of teams. Please contact us if you require additional information regarding Sam Philp.

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