General Information

Kendra Ridley
Sport: Soccer Scholarship 
Status: Recruited 
Position: Centre back, full back 

School: University of Maine
Coach: Raz El-Asmar
Phone #: 613-447-6772
Address: 186 Cluny St
City: Ottawa
State/Province: Ontario
Postal Code: K1G 0K2
Country: Canada
Phone: 613-523-8548
Date of Birth: 27/10/1996
Year of Grad: 2014
GPA: 4.0
SAT: Writing in December
Height: 5' 9" (175 cm)
Weight: 125 lbs (57kg)


Academic Interest:
BA in science in Nursing

Additional Information:
Kendra is an accomplished student athlete. Her main objective is to find scholarship placement at a college or university in the Fall 2014 that meets her athletic and academic criteria. Kendra wants to extend her soccer career and play at a top rated NCAA 1 program while receiving a quality education in nursing. Kendra is a physically strong defender whose strong defending and tackling skills make her extremely versatile to play outside right back, sweeper, or outside left back. Her vision, intelligence, and tactical awareness make her a leader in the backfield. Kendra is one of the top defenders in the province currently playing for Team Ontario. She has been playing for FC Capital United Since 2004 and has been the leader in the backfield helping them secure many victories establishing them as one of the premiere teams in the OYSL currently winning the Ontario / Quebec Cup. . Among Kendra's physical attributes are size, strength, speed, power and endurance. She has the prototypical size of an elite soccer player and uses her strength and speed to good advantage. Kendra shows her commitment to the sport by following a strict training regimen and maintaining a high level of fitness. Her knowledge of the game is excellent. Kendra has a high soccer IQ and plays the game in a cerebral manner. She uses this to good advantage as exhibited by her superior speed of play; she anticipates well based on her advanced perception speed and reaction time. Kendra has an extraordinary ability to make challenging decisions look easy in tight situations and to execute them at a high speed of play. Her vision, awareness and inventiveness are combined with excellent technical skill. This allows for successful, consistent application of technique under pressure, where she employs an excellent touch on the ball. Kendra displays dexterity, her kicks are powerful and accurate, and her ball control and dribbling skills are sublime. She has a rare combination of knowledge, skills and attributes that complement each other and help to make her a complete soccer player, and one who is always in control. Her versatility and adaptability are noteworthy as she is can play practically every position in the field. Kendra exudes confidence and calm, allowing her to elevate the play of her teammates. She is a leader by example, as she practices as hard as she plays, and places the goals and needs of the team above all else. Kendra has high expectations for herself as a student athlete ,is self-motivated and extremely coachable. Kendra is currently a senior in high school where she obtains a 4.0 GPA and is in the bilingual program. She is studying for her SAT test which will be written in December. . Please contact us anytime if you require additional information regarding Kendra's academic or athletic status.

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