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Cameron Lee
Sport: Baseball Scholarship 
Status: Recruited 
Position: Outfield 

School: U of Wisconsin
Coach: Darren Smith
Phone #: +27 82 498 2424
Address: 1 Egret Lane
City: Durban
State/Province: Kwa-Zulu Natal
Postal Code: 3610
Country: South Africa
Phone: +27 718920269
Date of Birth: 10/04/1997
Year of Grad: 2016
GPA: 4.0
SAT: 1360 ( math and readiing combined )
Height: 5' 9" (175 cm)
Weight: 170 lbs (77kg)


Academic Interest:

Additional Information:
Available for the fall of 2016, Cameron is determined to maintain his proud record of combining outstanding academic success with top class sporting achievement. Cameron is planning to obtain a degree from a NCAA school in Finance or Economics. Having recently competed against the top young baseball players in the world while representing the South Africa National Team at the recent 18U Baseball World Cup, Cameron who bats and throws right handed knows what it takes to succeed at the highest level. Cameron also represented U17 National Team at the Africa Championships in Kenya in 2015 and been selected for Regional and Provincial teams every year since 2009. He has attended the annual MLB African Elite Academy since 2013. The latest MLB HPC testing ranked Cameron as the the 3rd best overall athlete in his age group in South Africa. With above average speed and an ability to adjust at the plate he has has proven to be a successful lead off hitter. His 2015 MLB scouting hitting report compiled by San Fransisco Giants hitting coach Hensley Meulens, said the following "Very impressed. He hit some balls extremely hard at camp, great ability to put the ball in play. He hit the ball all over the field in practice, made quick adjustments in order to keep his swing short to it and long through it. Great sense of the strike zone. He had the ability to pull balls on the inner half, and balls outer half, hit the other way. Was one of most consistent swings at camp."As an outfielder Cameron uses his speed and ability to read the ball of the bat to maximize his range. Cameron has achieved academic success both locally and internationally. In 2012 he took part in the international SIAT bench marking exams for English set by the university of NSW, Australia. He was awarded a gold medal for placing in the top 1% internationally and he was the top student in Africa. He has maintained his position as a top 5 student, 4.0 GPA throughout his School career and was awarded academic Colours in grade 10, 11, and recently Honors Cum Laude. SAT score pending. While he will continue to strive for sporting excellence he considers the academic program of the University to be of paramount importance. Having attended Kearsney College, Cameron is well well aware that the privileges he has enjoyed come with shared responsibility to the greater community as a whole. To that end he has always maintained a strong community service ethos and in 2014, he initiated an outreach Maths tutoring programme for grade 8 pupils at KwaNtebeni Comprehensive High, a local disadvantaged school. Please contact us anytime if you require additional information regarding Cameron's academic or athletic status.

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