Soccer Scholarships

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If you are looking for soccer scholarships - University Prospects is here to help you. University Prospects has assisted over 700 student athletes worldwide to obtain soccer scholarships to colleges and universities that meet their academic, athletic and financial needs. Our connections with coaches are extremely strong as we provide accurate and honest information which coaches appreciate.

University Prospects arranges soccer scholarships by doing the hard work of defining your goals and capabilities then finding the opportunities that best match your choices.

If you love soccer then finding a Soccer scholarship is a great chance to continue playing your favourite sport while getting the best education at a reduced price.

One of the great things about obtaining a soccer scholarship is the chance to be a part of competitions that most plyers can only dream of.  A soccer scholarship will allow you put an education in your back pocket if you have what it takes to pursue opportunities in the "beautiful game" into your adult years.

The process of obtaining a soccer scholarship requires commitment, abilities and hard work. If you have these qualities then a university soccer scholarship can be yours......with the help of University Prospects.

So don't just sit around thinking about how great it would be to get a soccer scholarship - contact University Prospects today! At we know what you need to do to obtain a great soccer scholarship.

For Goaltenders we try to give coaches a better idea of the skills and physical attributes of our clients. That's why we bring in a goaltending coach to run drils which we film as an important part of the final presentation. Since some coaches believe they can only evaluate a goaltending candidate from behind the net we try (when facilties allow) to shoot synchronised footage from behind. Another item about goaltenders is that they are difficult to put highlight tapes together for.

That's because the period of time between highlight saves can be games long. That is why we help our clients with a technique which is both effective and cost-friendly. Ask our representative for more info.