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"UP is a neat service that is changing the recruitment needs of college coaches. I was very impressed with their high tech CD video which was sent to me with a new recruit's video. It was very clear and easy to watch unlike many other I receive daily. UP gives me the chance to see many athletes I usually wouldn't be able to contact."

NCAA II Hockey Coach



At Universty Prospects we like to think we take the sports video presentation package to an entirely new level. Whether it's footage we shoot ourselves, or what comes to us from clients, we package and produce videos that show coaches what they need to see. Here are some examples.

Shooting individual sports makes it easy to focus on the client. In team games like soccer it's more difficult but we always try to keep the client in the frame. The only exceptions to that rule is when they make a great pass or take a shot. Then we follow the ball to catch the result.

 Fast-moving individual sports like Tennis are kind of in the middle. The challenge of keeping the client in the frame is not as great but you still have some challenges including not getting hit by the ball. To view other sports go to the main page and look in the lower left hand corner for "Scholarships Recruited". There you'll find a growing collection of sport clips with you in mind.


"I was very impressed with the level of players UP has advertised. UP has a professional approach with a genuine interest in finding the right opportunity for each of the student athletes in the program. Lee's McRae College looks forward to continuing this relationship!"