Tennis Scholarships

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If you love tennis, and have an aptitude for this game, you should consider applying for a tennis scholarship. A Tennis scholarship provides a perfect opportunity to continue playing your favourite sport while getting a great education. A University tennis scholarship can give you a new perspective on the game and a real opportunity learn. With our experience finding tennis scholarships University Prospects is you best choice to get the help you need to achive your goal.

University Prospects has arranged numerous tennis scholarships for our clients in the USA and Canada. Our "secret" weapon is that the president of our company enjoyed a tennis scholarship in the 90's and can speak to you from personal experience.

Starting your search for a tennis scholarship is easy. Just contact us today so we can get started working with you and your family. But our real goal is much higher than just finding you a scholarship. Our goal is to find the right scholarship that's the right fit for you from both an Athletic and Academic standpoint. As our president can tell you a university tennis scholarship is a great way to start the next portion of your life.  Feel free to contact us for more information at any time. Or contact our president directly at