Track & Field Scholarships

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If you are looking for one of the available track & field scholarships University Prospects is here to help. Since 1999 University Prospects has been arranging track & field scholarships and we are confident we can find you one that will be a great fit.

We do this by providing  maximum exposure to the coaches at schools we have determined (in consultation with you and your family) will be perfect for you both academically and athletically. We also provide you with the necessary information and interview skills necessary to make a good impression during your interview for a track & field scholarship.

track & field scholarship can be the very best way to prolong your involvement in the sport for as long as possible.- People also look at a track field scholarship as the best way to access the very best in coaching and facilities. A Track field scholarship is also a great way to pit yourself against truly high-end competition. This can be a real factor when selections are being made international teams.

A university track field scholarship can also be an excellent companion to your study of kinesiology and other movement-related studies. A track field scholarship can even be an excellent stepping stone to other fields such as teaching.. Applying for a track field scholarship requires commitment, abilities and hard work but if you can supply these University Prospects can help you with the rest.